Over 35 years

of sieving

EMILOS manufactures vibrating screens Made in Italy, entirely finished by hand.

EMILOS is a leading manufacturer of vibrating screens

Our products

Screen holding frame

The practicality of our screen tensioning system it makes independent the final user.

made in italy

Our vibrating screens are made 100% and hand finished at our factory.


II 3D T120°C ATEX – ZONE 22

Emilos - Vibrovagli Made in Italy Acciaio Inox

stainless steel

Only our vibrating screens are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304L and, on request, of stainless steel AISI 316L.


Only our vibrating screens are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304L and, on request, of stainless steel AISI 316L.

free trial

In Italy, possibility to test the vibrating screen free of charge and to return it if it does not meet expectations.

fast delivery

Production and delivery ex-works in 10-15 working days.


With the Emilos sieving system, you get amazing performance in terms of productivity. The quality of these products is absolutely made in Italy; every single machine is entirely produced in-house. Emilos does not only produce vibrating screens in series, but also customised vibrating screens according to individual customer requirements.

The dynamism of Emilos’ company staff allows a direct and immediate comparison with the customer’s problems; by carrying out specific screening tests, Emilos always guarantees the efficiency of the vibrating screen proposed.

Thanks to the special motorisation, the hourly production rates that Emilos vibrating screens are able to achieve are significantly higher than those of any other vibrating screen currently on the market.


Emilos produces circular vibrating screens with a minimum diameter of 450 mm and a maximum diameter of 1800 mm; it also produces rectangular vibrating screens for high hourly capacities and vibrating screens with side drives instead of the traditional underneath drives. Emilos also produces automatic and manual magnets. In the wide range of Emilos vibrating screens, there are roughing sieves and refining vibrating screens for every need.


Initially focussed on the ceramic sector, Emilos created vibrating screens suitable for sieving soils and glazes, then improved and expanded its production to meet the needs of various sectors, from herbal products to foodstuffs, from milling to dairy, from mining to iron and steel, from construction-mining to waste water, from recycling of products such as glass, paper, plastic, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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